Wednesday, 16 June 2010

How to alleviate middle-class guilt?

The other emotion complicating things is guilt. When I first came out, a year seemed a really long time, but now that it is nearly over, I can see how short it really is, and how I am only just getting settled and beginning to understand how life here works. And I feel terrible that just as I get to this point, I leave, abandoning patients and staff.
What this rural community needs is doctors who can commit to them for a long time. Young foreign doctors aren't the solution.

Fortunately for me, someone previously had an idea for a solution and set up "Friends of Mosvold", an organisation that sponsors local kids through health-related courses at university, on the proviso that they commit to coming to work at Mosvold in their holidays and for a set period after qualifying. These are the staff who not only understand this community (literally speaking the language) but are also the most likely to settle here.
It's an amazing organistation that I have personally seen benefits from (our lovely social worker is a graduate of the scheme and due to marry and settle here in a few months time).

Watch this space for a way for me to alleviate some of that guilt...


  1. Dear C
    Lovely to read the last few installments of the blog.
    An amazing record of a phenomenal year - I'll be helping you look for that publishing deal on your return!
    O x

  2. Hi
    I am going out to Mosvold in April for elective. Your blog is fantastic and I can't wait! As a medical student what would you suggest I do to prepare?! Im not sure Warwick hospital will be the same as Mosvold! Any thing you can suggest would be great and I'm a bit unsure the best way to actually get there from Cape Town...
    Many thanks
    my email is