Wednesday, 16 June 2010

End of a year-a.

The day after our leaving braai, and our final day (bad combination?).
Last night was a lot of fun with all the nurses, doctors, therapists and security guards coming round for a braai. It was Zulu-style, with plenty of meat and pap, quaito music pumping and some serious booty shaking. Some serious heaadaches today too.
As today is a public holiday I only worked until 12 but what an almost final case; an imminent pre-eclamptic with a blood pressure of 211/143. Yikes.
Once that was sorted and she was rushed off to theatre (luckily I'm not on for that) I just had a few dog bites to vaccinate against rabies and I was done.
And now I am finished at Mosvold (with only the procrastination over packing to get through).

I have quite mixed feelings about going; I shall really miss some aspects of life here (my two minute commute, people just popping round unannounced, everyone saying hello to you). But it's time for me to come home. I miss family and friends and realistically, coming here has meant putting life on hold in many ways, and it's time to come back and restart it.

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